House Developer Malaysia. Malaysia housing developer. Belkron properties was established in December 1987. As one of the major house developer in Malaysia, Belkron has established excellent reputation in Malaysia's housing developer industry. Over the years, Belkron had produced modern, practical and unique housing/commercial design, good quality of materials and workmanship as well as after-sales services.


Belkron house developer Malaysia
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Proper development of a project will have profound effect on its function, performance and cost; requires on extensive and in-depth knowledge of most suitable and cost-effective designs, and practical be used.

This is where we can assist you in making for:

1. The contemporary and comfortably living in which you can proudly call “HOME”;

2. The world-class Sewerage Treatment Plant.

We offer you client-centered housing development and sewerage treatment system provided by highly skill and dedicated professional who are familiar with the latest architecture design, engineering technologies, advanced method of construction and building technique.

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